Stress Relief Classes

Most of us feel stress and we find that there are some habits and traits that we have that may be a cause of stress that are very hard to break. There are times when we feel stress that there are some aspects of our personality that we would like to change, but for some reason we don’t seem to have enough willpower to do it. To relieve your stress, you may already have tried other self development and self help approaches and failed, and are now trying to find out a way to get to where you want to be in a way that is modern and scientific, while still understanding the basic needs for spirituality and emotional health.

Why are you feeling this way?

Stress comes from various sources and most of it comes from gaining a set of beliefs while growing up, whether we want to or not. While some of them are good, like not walking across the street blindfolded during rush hour and having good manners like saying “thank you” and “please”, some of them are just wrong and bad, and are limiting our progress and hampers our success. These limiting beliefs and bad behaviours are the cause of stress. Since it is stored in the subconscious mind, it is therefore extremely hard to change through conscious effort. If you could remove these limiting beliefs and bad behaviours that causes you stress by reaching into your subconscious, that would be a way forward, to help you establish more positive and empowering beliefs about yourself and your relationships. You will have a good healthy, happy life without stress.

How we can help!

At RE:MiND we teach a system for stress relief that is specifically designed to deal with these problems. First we help you understand how the mind works, and how stress and negative emotions form and what they are for (yes, they do have a purpose!). We will also help you understand how these can affect you in daily life. Then, we will teach you some simple practices that you can perform daily, which will allow you to remove those limiting beliefs in your subconscious, that you no longer wish to hold on to. This is what is commonly known as “emptying the cup”. These will then be replaced with more positive thinking, that will assist you in your life, and bring a more healthy outlook on life, and help you deal with stress and problems that arise in an empowered way.

If you want to regain control over your life and be free of stress, sign up to one of our classes today!